Notebook Art

I offer a limited number of my artwork as one-of-a-kind high quality notebooks.

Encouraging mindfulness

The notebooks are part of a gift set in collaboration with the Chai Affairs tea brand, with the purpose of enriching the Tea ritual by encouraging self-reflection, mindfulness, and gratitude.

What better experience than to journal while you're sipping your favorite personalized curated cup of tea!

Gif Sets

Aram Gift Set

In the Persian language, the word 'Aram' translates to calm, a state of peace and tranquility. A state you can reach through the selected ingredients paired together in this set, that are known to reduce stress and help you relax

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Yalda Gift Set

'Yalda' - A Persian winter solstice festival celebrated on the longest and darkest night of the year (December 21st). A time where loved ones gather to read poetry, eat, and drink tea until well after midnight! Our Yalda gift set was designed with this popular celebration in mind. It contains herbs & spices that blend beautifully together and are perfect for the holidays!

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Bahar Gift Set

'Bahar' - Spring - a time of year where flowers bloom. The air smells fresh, and we begin a new season for change! Our Bahar Box is a reminder of all things Spring - floral aromas, sweet flavors, with yet a balance of warm spices.


Art Can Change the World!

I have worked with the Deink notebook brand to bring these amazing notebooks to life.
For every Notebook sold, a portion of the proceeds will be set aside to fund the building of a school in Mali, Africa.
To this day Denik has successfully funded 5 schools, Two in Mali, one in Guatemala, one in Laos, and one in Ghana.

Want to collaborate?

Are you interested in collaborating or carrying my notebooks as wholesale?

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